What We Do

Pan-Asia Trading Partners seeks out companies as acquisition targets that posses strong earnings growth potential, very healthy market positions and the potential to add significant additional value through operational refinements and expansion. We look for high quality and strong performing companies with a superior and motivated management team that has the potential for significant growth, whether that be through acquisitions, operational refinement or expansion.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ preference is to work directly with the existing management teams, sharing with them our extensive financial, commercial and industrial knowledge and experience. We believe that a collaborative approach with the existing management team provides stability while at the same time infusing the operation with new impetus, reassuring employees, customers and investors alike and helping to deliver greater performance.

We are a people focused company, and our approach is to work closely and collaboratively with the management teams of the companies that we acquire a stake in. We contribute to the company’s strategic development and serve on the boards and committees of the company. We also believe that equity participation programs are the best motivator of management, enabling them to directly benefit from the value they help to create.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners has worked closely with over 100 management teams across Asia and throughout the world, in many different industry sectors, assisting them to review and improve their operations, acquire competitors and to realize growth through the expansion of services, products and markets. It has been our experience that the key to creating value is strategic insight accompanied by the necessary funding to realize that vision.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners will typically make an equity investment in companies valued at between $150 million and $1 billion, taking a stake in the region of $50 million to $250 million. Pan-Asia Trading Partners also operates a Development unit, making equity investments of between $5 million and $50 million in companies valued below $150 million.