Pan-Asia Trading Partners insists that all of our portfolio companies comply with all applicable laws, particularly those that relate to their employees’ welfare and rights, and we actively encourage the building of relationships with responsible suppliers and partners.

As part of Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ pre-investment evaluation, we require a full in-depth analysis of ESG factors be brought before our investment committee. We identify tangible social risks and related opportunities.

Through our board representative, Pan-Asia Trading Partners works with the management of our portfolio companies to develop and implement relevant social policies in their business procedures and areas of operations. These most commonly relate to the health and safety of employees and contractors, workers rights and welfare.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners also looks to make meaningful contributions to the communities in which we, and our portfolio companies, operate, through our charitable giving policy. Pan-Asia Trading Partners typically focus our charitable giving on environmental and educational programs, with smaller charities and projects where our commitment can make a meaningful difference being favored.