Our Values

Our ultimate goal is to be the first and only port of call for all of our clients’ international private equity requirements, as well as for the management of all of the portfolio companies that we help to operate. In order to meet this goal, we seek to maintain the greatest levels of corporate governance, delivering a uniform standard of professionalism and excellence across the entire firm.

At Pan-Asia Trading Partners we work tirelessly to maintain and continuously improve these standards, an outlook that is reflected in how our senior management is structured. The company is led by our Operating Committee, while all of our final investment decisions are overseen by our Investment Committee, which is made up of all the most senior management across all of our business units. Our Advisory Board is there not just to advise Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ management, but also to assist the management of our portfolio companies with their extensive knowledge and expertise.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners has five core guiding principles, which we believe are vital to our successful management of the firm and of our portfolio companies:

Listen to, respect and help develop the idea of the person next to you and always place the requirements of the company and the client ahead of personal needs.

Integrity is not just about our beliefs, but about our actions. It is fundamental that Pan-Asia Trading Partners maintain the greatest possible standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners create a working environment where ability and talent are nourished and where an excellent work ethic is rewarded with recognition and advancement.

A willingness to listen and the realization that some of the most powerful and revolutionary ideas can have their origins in the most unlikely of places.

Rational Thought

All of Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ actions must be as a result of careful and considered thought. Our success is dependent on intelligent, well reasoned, prejudice free decision making that utilizes the extensive collective expertise of our firm.