Our Expertise

Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ investment teams are focused on five broadly defined market sectors, in which we have a great deal of experience and that we believe provide the most attractive middle market opportunities - Consumer Sector, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industry & Manufacturing and Technology.

Investment decisions are more informed as a result of relevant sector insights, as well as being the key drivers for growth and returns. At Pan-Asia Trading Partners, each of our investment teams is led by a senior member of our investment committee and is supported by investment professionals across Asia and around the world. This results in us being able to pinpoint and move on the most attractive acquisition opportunities no matter what industry or geographic marketplace they may be in.

The extensive knowledge and sector expertise we possess gives us a critical competitive edge in identifying opportunities and acquiring companies. We make ourselves keenly aware of the individual circumstances of the target company and the competitive dynamics of it host market.

Financial Services
Pan-Asia Trading Partners has made high performance investments in consumer finance, wealth management and insurance sectors. We focus on strong companies with high quality management teams which we can support to provide organic growth. Despite the recent financial crisis, the financial services sector remains an integral part of the global economy, and as it evolves and adapts, attractive investment opportunities are revealed.

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State systems are being placed under increased demands from aging populations with countries increasingly looking to the private sector. Many attractive opportunities, particularly in consumer healthcare and healthcare services, will see Pan-Asia Trading Partners continuing to invest in this sector.

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Industry & Manufacturing
Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ focus is typically on sub-segments that are experiencing long term growth and on leading corporations with superior products, unique capabilities, superior processes and other advantages over their competitors.

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This sector is highly dynamic and continuously evolves, driven by the advances in technology and the overwhelmingly swift impacts these advances can have on both public and business behavior. In such a dynamic environment significant opportunities arise as companies adapt to the evolving demand patterns.

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