Industry & Manufacturing

Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ focus is typically on sub-segments that are experiencing long term growth and on leading corporations with superior products, unique capabilities, superior processes and other advantages over their competitors.

This sector covers a broad range of well established companies and industries that have competitive, innovative and well designed product ranges. Our goal is to identify and invest in industrial and manufacturing companies that serve end markets that are growing and that combine superior products, distinctive capabilities, market advantages and leading edge design, processes and technology leadership. Additionally we examine their potential to extend and grow their existing market position and their resistance to low cost competitors from emerging and under developed markets. Companies that fit these criteria will likely be market leaders within their product categories and geographic region.

The ongoing dynamics of this sector continue to reveal investment opportunities, particularly in support of moves into emerging economies where companies can access new fast growing markets and potentially reduce manufacturing costs.

Though a broad sector, our primary focus is on those segments that benefit from low cyclicality and have long term growth drivers, such as:

  • » Chemicals
  • » Clean Technology
  • » Defense & Aerospace
  • » Industrial Products
  • » Medical Technology
  • » Water