Corporate governance is more than just meeting the legal requirements of the countries in which we and our portfolio companies operate, it is about being completely transparent in our operations, accountable for our actions and ensuring that our interests are completely aligned with our clients interests.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners is led by our Operating Committee, which provides the firm with its strategic focus and leadership. Our Investment Committee, which is made up of all the most senior management across all of our business units, is responsible for the final decision on all of our investments. Our Risk, Audit and Compliance Committees ensure that we fully implement all regulatory practices and adhere to all relevant legislation.

Our portfolio companies have similar governance structures that ensure regulatory compliance and review performance. Pan-Asia Trading Partners also has input and final approval on all major decisions being made by our portfolio companies.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners has an internal policy framework for dealing with any prospective conflicts of interest. Whenever a conflict needs to be addressed, Pan-Asia Trading Partners does so with integrity, transparency, professionalism and with the interests of our investors first in mind.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners also has an Advisory board of highly experienced and distinguished individuals from industry, government and academia to provide guidance and an outside perspective on any such matters.