Financial Services

The financial services industry represents almost 10% of the United Kingdom’s, almost 8% of the United States’ and almost 5% of Japan’s gross domestic product (GDP). The financial services industry is at the center of every developed nation’s economy, despite the recent financial crisis. Pan-Asia Trading Partners makes high performance investments in consumer finance, wealth management and insurance sectors. We focus on strong companies with high quality management teams which we can support to provide organic growth.

The financial services industry is a rapidly evolving sector that is presenting many attractive investment opportunities, particularly for strong management teams. Pan-Asia Trading Partners has a highly valuable network and expertise in the very specific regulations of the financial services sector, and possesses a track record and necessary experience in delivering transactions.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners have a particular interest in the following financial sub-sectors:

  • » Asset Management - where strong performance and cash inflows is driving good growth and where opportunities to scale rapidly exist and gain market share.
  • » Financial Technology & Infrastructure - where companies that are focused and efficient can deliver superior margins and reduce their cost base.
  • » Insurance - where there is outstanding growth expectation in underwriting and broking through leading edge analytics and customer service levels.
  • » Wealth Management - we seek opportunities where business models are scalable, that have control over fund flows, that have broad product distribution and where client trust, reputation and fiduciary duty are central to relationships and long term success.