There are three separate facets to Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ environmental commitment:

Reducing Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ direct impact on the environment
Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ goal is to reduce our environmental impact by identifying and enacting more carbon efficient processes, such as reducing paper and energy consumption in our offices, through recycling programs and also through carbon offsetting projects. Every year an internal report is carried out to review Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ environmental impact to see if we are achieving our goals.

Integrating environmental awareness metrics into our investment processes
As responsible investors, we insist that all pre-investment evaluations include a detailed appraisal of the company’s environmental impact. If a company does not fully meet its regulatory and statutory requirements regarding the environment, we require management to supply us with a realistic framework to resolve all outstanding issues within a sensible time frame.

Adopting appropriate environmental policies in our portfolio companies
Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ representative board members always actively encourage the management of portfolio companies to comply with all applicable environmental policies in their operations. The primary focus of these policies is on managing waste, recycling, water and energy use, as well as supply chain management.

Acquisitions made by the portfolio company must adopt Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ environmental evaluation framework as a part of their due diligence process. Any breach of environmental policy, regulation or legislation by a portfolio company must promptly be reported to Pan-Asia Trading Partners’ representative on the board of directors.