Corporate Duty

At Pan-Asia Trading Partners we believe that having strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices are a part of any healthy business, and that instilling these principles into our business operations, and those of our portfolio companies, is in the long term interests of our employees, investors, portfolio companies and their stakeholders.

Our approach to ESG principles is informed by our values, which our teams follow in the way they perform their duties and conduct themselves. Rather than just a series of compliance requirements, we encourage each of our business units and our portfolio companies to bring our ESG commitments into the everyday operations of their business.

Pan-Asia Trading Partners is aware of and actively works to limit the environmental impact that we have through our operations, be that through the goods and services we consume, encouraging employee programs such as carpooling and through the investment procedures we carry out when acquiring businesses.

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Pan-Asia Trading Partners insists that all of our portfolio companies comply with all applicable laws, particularly those that relate to their employees’ welfare and rights, and we actively encourage the building of relationships with responsible suppliers and partners.

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Corporate governance is more than just meeting the legal requirements of the countries in which we and our portfolio companies operate, it is about being completely transparent in our operations, accountable for our actions and ensuring that our interests are completely aligned with our clients interests.

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